KN-PHOTO Original Calendar
Calendar 2001 Cover

Cover Photo:Tsumago Japan
by Katsumi Nagashima

KN-PHOTO Calendar 2001
-En me promenant en Japon-

This is the first calendar with the photos I took only in Japan. Those are taken in the country side , such as Kisoji, Okutama, Nikko, where I traveled with my car, Renault4. The title is "En me prominent en Japon (4L)".

500 Limited edition. for in serial number
Monochrome double tone for 200 line offset printing.
Winning competitor of 52th All Japan Calendar contest in December 2000.
Size: B4 (257mm x 364mm)
Price: \2500 (JPY)
(C) Copyright 2006 KN-PHOTO. All rights reserved.