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Lifework Vol.01

Each time I visited some places in Europe, it has been my daily work to stroll around the town as long as possible where I staid or just passed by.
Whenever I was walking around I always brought Leica camera with me and took photos if I fortunately or unexpectedly found any interesting object. [En me promenant en France] is the series of such work by monochrome film.

The photos showed at this site are one of those series but under the special theme of TONNERRE where is very small village just 600m diameter in Bourgogne district in France.
Also it is the home town of my best friend and I visited there several times with my fiend or by myself. TONNERRE is the most impressive place next to Paris for me.

I have been working for more than 10 years wishing to represent the atmosphere of TONNERRE, very calm and peaceful scene though it is not so strong impression .
I used warm tone paper and printed softly in order to express the mild sunshine and the clean air and also never changing landscape of this town, small but famous for its chablis wine.

This series is composed of 43 photos and some of them were showed at my private exhibition at GINZA KODAK PHOTO SALON in 1998.

Tonnerre Image
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